“New Promises to keep Strong Challenges to Reap Long Miles to go before we sleep Long Miles to go before we sleep”
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1 Rates And Taxes 5% TO 7% 8 TO 12%
2 Punctuality Every Month Within 20th, The Photocopies, Of Your Challan, Will Reach Your Office Proud To Say, Our Punctuality, Is Incomparable
3 Detailed Bilingual Appoinment Letter For Each And Every Staff, Skilled Or Unskilled Usually For Skilled Staff Only
4 Issuance Of Detailed Trilingual Pay Slips For Each And Every Staff, Within 20th Of Every Month For Skilled Staff Only And Not Punctually
5 Photo Session The Post Card Sized And PP Photos Will Be Organised, At Our Cost, By Means Of Photo Session At Your Premises Only Usually Do Not Undergo Such Dedicated Initiative.
6 Identity Card All Employees Must Carry The Identity Cards, Which Will Prove Their Distintiguished Identity, Within Seven Days Of Joining The Concern Impossible To Display Such Punctuality And Promptness
7 Tailor Made Payment Mode For Unskilled Employees We Organise Cash Salary And For The Skilled, The Super Fast Corporate Salary, By Means Of "Zero Balance Corporate Salary" System Of HDFC Bank Account Different From Us, May Be Worse, May Be Better Or Same Like Us
8 Black And White We Will Work Under Your Instructions Only Every Company Want To Work For Their Benefits Only
9 ESI Special Benefits In ESI Special Benefits matter, we are the Ultimate. Our Employees have includes costly Heart Surgery Operation, and others. No Such Choice Is Given
10 ESI Online Report Every month, alongwith Invoice, ESI Online Report will be presented to you, Specially highlighting the Contribution towards the Staff, working for you. They can't even think of it.
11 Team Of Experts We Have A Team Of Expert Consultants, Lawyers, Accountants And Others, Who Will Help You For All Problems, And Reduce Your Cost, Magnificently Rarely Found
12 Representation For Any Query From Govt. Dept, Regarding The Outsourced Staff, We Will Represent You, As Our Books Of Accounts Are Always Updated, And Face And Resolve Everything Rarely Found
13 Employee Benefit (ESI) We Are The Only Consultant, Who Give Employees, The Choice / Preference Of Doctors, And Then Register Rarely Found
14 Employee Benefit (PF) We Extend All Sorts Of Cooperation, So That The Employees Can Withdraw The Pf Amount Or Transfer, In The Fastest Possible Fashion Usually After The Employee, Resigns, They Loose Interest
15 Monthly Challan & Return PF within 15th, ESI within 21st and Form 5, 10, 12A within 25th of every month, we assure you wholeheartedly. Doubtful, to get such assurance.
16 Annual Returns Annual Returns Will Be Submitted To You, Much Before The Stipulated Time And Within 20 Working Days. Impossible To Maintain Such Discipline.
17 Labour Management And Problem Since They Work Under Our Payroll, We Will Resolve All Problems, According To Your Advice Only. Usually They Are Reluctant About The Internal Problems, And On The Attempt Of Evading Responsibilities.
18 BANK TIE UP We are having tie up, with one of the Largest bank of India, where, there is no Salary restriction and employees get the maximum benefit. Incomparable
19 Reduced CTC Wisdom The CTC will be minimized, as per our advice Never
20 Verification, Our screening system, increase the dimension of authenticity No such security and safety
21 Law Of The Land We are conversant, with all laws and facts, which we utilize only for your benefit No comments
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